Akash Roy, Delhi

My journey with Market Xcel started in March 2008. Before joining Market Xcel, I was working with an MNC in the Insurance sector as a “Sales Coordinator”. But being from financial background in terms of my academic qualification, I always wanted to do something related to accounts & finance. So, when the opportunity came I decided to grab it without any second thoughts, even though it meant working for a lesser known brand & remuneration was lower than what I was already drawing from the previous organization.

The only purpose was to do the work that I wanted to do! Hence, without paying much attention to the salary factor, I joined Market Xcel as an “Assistant Accountant”. But the challenges were much more than what I had assumed, as theoretical knowledge & practical work experience in the field of finance are way different. Also, the working hours were long & tiring, which at times frustrated me but the zeal to do something never let my morale down.

I am fortunate enough to have got very supporting seniors & colleagues who always had faith in my abilities & commitments towards work & continuously made me learn new things by offering regular opportunities. My mentor shared minutest working details of our processes without any insecurity which further boosted my confidence & increased my faith in the organization & its people.

I still remember when in 2010 we decided to shift our Mumbai office to a new location, management decided to send me across to setup the whole branch not only in terms of accounting processes but the entire admin related work as well. This involved searching, finalizing & dealing with the vendors on my own without any interference, which displays how much company shows faith in its people.

MX is a place where I have grown from a seedling to a plant. Today, I am ‘Manager- Accounts’ & have a great team to work with. I am proud to say that I have the most supporting mentor. In fact, he is not only my mentor at work but he has also taught me many things which have made me what I am today.

I would like to share one personal incident here with him. He taught me driving a car & after a few days of learning he gave me his own car to drive. The very same day we met with a small accident because of my negligence. I felt really bad but he said- “It happens when you are on the road” & next day again he asked whether I wanted to drive. This trust which my seniors show in me and my capabilities really motivates me to do better.

There are a lot of inspiring people at Market Xcel who continue to shape up freshers and they share the success of the brand with each and every employee starting from peons to department heads. I’m proud to be associated with a great brand which is a great place to work!

Working with MX and my team feels like I have another family!

Akash Roy, Proud Family Member

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