Anil Luthra, Lucknow


My Beginning

To start with, let me share my experience in Market Research industry.  I joined ORG (Operations Research Group) around 30 years back in their Retail Audit team. Times were not easy, as in those days we didn’t have the facilities like computers, cell phones or courier services to communicate. Everything including reporting was done manually & hand-written envelopes had to be sent by registered post parcel. Despite these discomforts, we enjoyed working in ORG with the belief that ‘’There is no gain without pain’’ effect.

My Learnings

I joined ORG with the sole intention of earning money to meet my end needs but with time, the gradual transformation happened in my personality as I learnt how to represent myself & communicate with people who made me more confident. Obviously, it was the effect of training imparted to me during my early days, the culture of the organizations I have worked with, including “Market Xcel”, and my superior’s support & their positive attitude towards me. In short, this has not only been a source of earning but the source of learning too. Thus, my emotional involvement with MR industry compels me to stay here even after having spent more than three decades.

My Experiences

During my tenure with ORG, I was assigned census work in Sri Lanka. However, I was a bit nervous as it was an altogether different assignment for me. Working on a foreign land with unknown people & different language was a big challenge, but I love challenges & do not accept failures, hence word NO is not in my dictionary. Word NO means “Next Opportunity” for me. Keeping this in mind, I gathered courage & searched for the solutions the moment I landed in Sri Lanka. I purchased a map of Colombo to get acquaint with the city routes. The language was the next big hurdle, but I resolved it with the help of the translator.

‘Every problem has a solution in disguise; what needed is a positive approach and a perfect strategy.’ That’s my mindset which enabled me to accomplish the Sri Lanka census within assigned budget and timeline. It was a huge success and I was rewarded well for this achievement.

Market Xcel- The family

I thank God & feel fortunate that I have always been & worked amongst good people. It was true with my earlier employer and equally true with “Market Xcel”. I enjoy the great work environment we have here as people love & respect each other. Everyone works here as a close family & the top management is always available for interaction. I am of the opinion that very few people are lucky to have such organizations to work for & I again feel thankful for being part of such a wonderful family.

Anil Luthra, Proud Family Member

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