Anuradha Singh, Delhi

My first encounter with market research happened while I was still studying in 8th standard; I attended a focus group as a respondent. The researcher who was observing the proceedings called and offered me a transcription work in lieu of some income. I was fascinated and the excitement of earning money was so high that I could not refuse. Till date, I remember those moments of my first transcription; I worked the whole night but still could not complete the assigned work. I got worried & at 6’clock in the morning called up the researcher. The conversation went like this:

Me: I could not complete the task despite working whole night on it. Do you have any deliverables based on this?

Researcher: Why have you worked the whole night? There are no hurried deadlines. Anyways, how many pages have you finished?

Me: 17 only, as my typing is not that good.

Researcher: No, it is a good speed. Normally people take 2-3 days to finish it but with this speed, you may finish it in few more hours.

Me: Really?

After completing the transcription, I handed over the cassette to her and she gave me 400/- rupees- “My first earning”, on the spot. It was a great motivation. After that day I dreamed to become a qualitative researcher like her.

But my father had different plans for me. Like any father; he also wanted to protect me 24/7, so with his reference & without even giving an interview, I got my first job as an assistant to the director in a private firm with a huge cabin and two peons, but there was hardly any work to do except preparing annual reports. From the very beginning, I knew that I do not belong to this place.

Few months later, one of my friends, who had worked with Market Xcel in past, informed me about a vacancy with Market Xcel & asked me to apply for it. I gave the interview & got selected. That’s how I ended up being here as a qualitative researcher, something which I always wanted.

I joined Market Xcel, but my father did not like me doing this work, thus didn’t speak to me for a week which was one of the toughest times in my life. But today, he feels proud of me; the credit largely goes to Market Xcel for grooming my personality & transforming my life.

I joined as a young member of the family and over the years with changing roles & responsibilities, this relationship has grown stronger. Starting as a “Research Associate” to an
“Associate Project Director” now, the journey has been wonderful till date. Just as we say, the roots of true achievement lie with strong support and mentorship, which I received strongly from my department head. He always gave me the sky to fly and a platform to fulfill my dreams & aspirations. In my 8.5 years long career, there have been many moments when my efforts are praised by both- clients and colleagues, which gave me motivation and encouragement.

Here, in Market Xcel, we have a very professional yet friendly culture that helps us develop healthy personal relationships as well within departments, be it operations, client services, marketing or finance. People are so good here that I ended up marrying one of them.
People are so warm here that as a gesture, they celebrated my daughter’s birth & wrote greetings on notice board while I was still on maternity leave.
To my acquaintance, it is the great place to work, grow and excel.

Anuradha Singh, Proud Family Member

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