Bharat Bhushan, Delhi

My professional journey started in year 1995 when I was just 13 years old. During those days, my family was going through financial crisis and it was very difficult for us to have our ends meet.

I wasn’t much educated so I started searching for small petty jobs to support my family. I got my first job as a motor mechanic for a basic salary of Rs. 250 per month. I worked there only for 2 months before moving to “LML Vespa Scooters” as a Scooter Washer & used to get Rs. 400 per month. But after working for 4 months only, I again switched my job & started working at a cycle repair shop for a pay of Rs. 500 per month. I kept on switching from one job to another with an increase in my salary in each job as the only motto was to make more money. Neither did I have many aspirations nor any focus towards any goal in life.

    After sometime, I got to know about an opening for the post of office boy in a market research agency called Elite Field Operations, so I switched over to that job for Rs. 800 per month. During my tenure in this company, I was always supported by most of the people – financially & emotionally which helped me sail through the tough times I was facing. Also, the guidance & motivation from seniors helped me learn a lot during my work tenure of 7 years in that organization.

      In July 2002, I got to know that two ex-employees of Elite Field Operations had started their own agency by the name of “Market Xcel” sometime back and it was doing pretty well. I went there & joined them immediately as an office boy for a monthly salary of Rs. 2000.

        It’s been more than 13 years since I joined Market Xcel. I came here as a “Peon” but today I am a “Senior Executive” in the “Administration Department” at company’s Head Office. Apart from Admin work, I’m involved in handling other multiple tasks in the organization which are also strategic in nature, and impact our day-to-day operations significantly. This multi-dimensional role has given me the kind of exposure I never dreamt of. When I started my career, I had never thought that a less educated person like me can achieve so much ever.

          My mentors supported me from the very beginning and always made me feel that this is my own organization. For me, they are my family now. This is one organization which literally imbibes the rule of open-door policy when it comes to my mentors. They are easily approachable and always available. With this organization, I got an opportunity to travel and explore other parts of the country as well. I have seen this company grow from 5 employees to now supporting more than 250 employees Pan India.

            My mentors have always treated me like their brother and have guided me all through my journey in this organization. I can share both my personal and professional problems with them. Because of this organization, I am able to support my family, provide my children with good education and live a blissful life.

              I wish & believe that one day, we will become the no. 1 market research company in India.

              Bharat Bhushan, Proud Family Member

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