Ghanshyam Maurya, Bengaluru

After completing my graduation in 1991 from Awadh University, Faizabad (UP), I left my hometown in search of a job to help my parents as our financial condition wasn’t great. I started working as a Helper in one of the Iron factories in Bhiwani district (Haryana) toiling every day for almost 18 hrs. getting a meager wage of Rs.1800 per month.

After working there for 2 years, I decided that this place was not meant for me & I should do something more meaningful if I wanted to be successful & make it big in life. So I quit that job to move to some other industry where I could utilize my potential better.

I came to Delhi in 1993 & accidently got into Market Research industry through one of my relative’s reference. I started my career with MARG Research as a Field Investigator & put my best efforts to perform well which resulted in my promotion & I was made Field Supervisor within 6 months itself. I felt my dreams had started to come true.

Later, I joined HLL in 1995 and worked there as a Retainer for 4 years and learnt a lot about basics and ground veracities of Market Research. From there I moved to TNS MODE & worked there for almost 3 years.

I joined Market Xcel in 2002 as a Project Coordinator. I feel it was the biggest turning point in my life as this place helped me unlock my true potential which taught me how different I’m from most of the people in the industry. I always got motivation from my seniors & was encouraged to try & do the assigned task my way. I also learnt how to set the professional & personal goals in life & the guidance to work towards achieving them. This organization & its people have helped me balance personal and professional life and manage relationships well.

Gradually, the company started growing and I was assigned additional responsibilities. I got promoted to the level of Project Manager. I feel much happier working here compared to previous companies were I worked; because of the opportunities given on various aspects and learnings derived out of it. Whenever I face challenges my supervisors extend their support by offering solutions & encouragements which have further helped me gain more confidence and therefore making me more capable to fulfill client/project requirements efficiently.

2007 was the year when I was given the opportunity to carry the flag of my organization to South India by setting up a branch in the region. Initially, it wasn’t easy for me to survive in 4 different zones of this part of country as it required conversing with people from 4 different languages but slowly and steadily with the support of seniors, all these barriers got converted into success & people working with me here (who were hired by me only) have become my strength now. I’m proud to say that today we have 4 offices located in South India headed by me having more than 100 team members.

I also feel proud to say that I’ve been part of this organization for the past 15 years. It feels great to be associated with this organization for so long. I’m thankful to the management for making me who I am today by giving me valuable opportunities. They have helped in my transformation from a timid and unsure boy to a confident professional. I don’t think that I would have got such guidance and wonderful relationships working anywhere else.

When I joined Market Xcel it was a very small family but we always loved and cared for each other. While we have grown into one big family, the atmosphere still retains that warmth and care. Hope this continues forever!

Ghanshyam Maurya, Proud Family Member

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