Mukesh Chandel, Delhi

I hale From Bihar and work as a Manager (Analytics) with the organization. I work on the philosophy of “work is worship” and “no one is perfect, so the learning should never stop”. While working, my goal is to create something new which can help perform any task in an easier & faster manner.

I started my career as an analyst with ORG-MARG (now Nielsen), where I learned various analytical techniques, but the interaction was limited to my team only and there were no opportunities to interact with other departments or clients. Few years later, I moved to WNS, here my role was further squeezed and I was working on a specific output without adding any value addition to the system. My relationship was strictly professional in both the organizations.

But I feel much happier working with Market Xcel as compared to my previous companies, because of the opportunities to work on various aspects of analysis, and learn new methods and techniques. Here, I also get opportunities to interact with clients, other teams and even senior management which enhance my exposure. Additionally, whenever I face challenges or get stuck at work, my immediate supervisor always extends his support by offering solution & encouragement. This has further helped me gain more confidence, therefore making me more capable to fulfill client/project requirements efficiently.

Another key difference I noticed here was the relationship between employees & the company. Not only on professional but personal front too. The organization is extremely helpful to understand employee’s requirements and shows concern towards them. On this, I would like to share a recent experience which happened with me. Few months back, my mother passed away in my hometown Patna, Bihar; I did not have enough money to go there and perform her last rituals, so I decided to stay back. Though I did not share this concern with my seniors, but they somehow got to know from my other colleagues and instantly made travel & other arrangements for me to go back to my hometown, on immediate basis. This generous act left me speechless & something I will never forget all my life. This has made me indebted to them for times to come.

I believe, while a good employee contributes towards the growth of the company, a good employer also takes care of the employees as one the family members, and it makes the bond much stronger with each passing day.

Mukesh Chandel, Proud Family Member

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