S P Singh, Delhi

I started my career as a freelancer in Market Research industry with “Mode Research” (now TNS) in the year 1989. I was considered to be a good household interviewer with clear thoughts and understanding of technicalities that were important & required to be a good investigator. I was well versed with all the norms of household interviews like right hand rule, kish grid etc. Also, I used to do fieldwork for electoral polling & electoral sampling which was very rare in those days. I love to travel and during my early days in this industry, I traveled to almost every part of the country. Apart from this, I have also got vast experience in automotive field research specifically known as NRS (National Readership Survey). In addition, IRS (Indian Readership Survey) has also been a part of my career.

    I looked forward for better opportunities to move ahead in my career so I joined “MARG” in the year 2000 as a freelancer supervisor. However, with rising family pressure and duties, I started looking for a permanent job with stability. Though, there were number of brands that I was familiar with but I was looking for a job with a brand that could shape my career. This eventually happened in the year 2002, when one of my friends introduced me to Market Xcel and that’s when my career took a different turn & shape. The company that I joined then is now like a family.

      I still remember how one of the founder partners of the company assessed my capabilities through an interview process. Having learnt that I will be essentially working in similar type of jobs that I have been doing all these years but with a tag of an “Executive”, I was pretty excited and happy.

        During the initial 5 years of my journey with the company, I understood that the brand encourages employees to learn diverse traits. I was given an appropriate platform and opportunities to showcase abilities which (I had wrongly thought) were beyond my execution and supervision skills. Since 2006, with each passing day I see a new light and experience shades of emotions, care and companionship.

          The mentor of the brand reposed his trust in me and in the year 2008, I was given the role of a Data Analyst. He gave me full support to learn SPSS and other aspects of the job.

            The company even arranged a training session which unfortunately I could not attend. But their trust was intact and I was asked to interact with vendors and this process of interaction made me learn many new aspects of data. Soon, I started performing in the domain. This was a big belief shown by the company in me to which I am still indebted. It gave me an opportunity to enter into a new league. It was a challenge for me as in my early 40s, I had to go out of my comfort zone and learn something which was Greek to me. This trust shown by the company in me did wonders to my confidence and it bought me respect and accolades from all around. The company showed that there’s nothing impossible provided you are ready to accept the challenge and get that change in yourself along with a belief that- I CAN DO IT!

              I truly find Market Xcel to be a place that is no less than a family. Professionally, we have an open culture here to learn, grow, contribute and recreate. I would term this journey as fun filled with lots of learning. I really look forward to continue my innings here forever…

                S P Singh, Proud Family Member

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