Sanjay Kumar, Kolkata

My hometown is Patna, Bihar. It was in the year 1999 that I first heard about market-research industry. At that time there were hardly 2-3 research companies active in Patna. Excited to serve the industry, I appeared for a job interview in one of the firms, I was told that my inexperience and age might be a problem, as they were looking for someone mature and industry competence. However, I requested them to give me the opportunity, train me for the job so that I can prove my worth. I got lucky since they were impressed with my determination & therefore hired me.

Two years of hard work resulted in zero outcome. Zero growth, future looked bleak and focus shifted from ‘trying to do something worth while’ to ‘not being happy at work’! However, switching industry and job profile seemed to be too early. I took my chance with another company as a supervisor on field research. Six months of work in the company I was offered the post of project co-coordinator for the east zone. I felt rewarded and happy with what I chose as a career option!

In 3 years (in 2004) I felt the need to move to a bigger city where most of the Market Research companies have their corporate offices, so I started searching for Market Research related jobs in Delhi on the internet & floated my resume around. After about 4 months I got a call from a senior board member of Market Xcel who inquired about my interest to join one of the league players. I said yes.

Surprisingly, the day I landed in Delhi; I got a call from another Delhi based company specializing in market research, willing to pay me double the salary than what Market Xcel had offered. But I refused their offer since I wanted to honor my commitment to Market Xcel & not wanted to deceive the confidence of the person who in first place offered me the job.

I started my journey in this big city. When I joined Market Xcel in the year 2004, we were a small company, but the management was dynamic & had dreams & zest to attain greater success. Management here is not about business profitability but much about camaraderie and compassion. This is a company driven by the passion of like-minded people trying to make a difference in the industry with exceptional work! There’s some magic here which binds people together.

Everyone has the choice and chance to make the best of themselves and their skills. Ideas shared by anyone are given due consideration & people are encouraged to work upon them freely because of which I have seen us grow from 40 to 400 & counting to grow further enormously. I have spent almost 15 years here & have grown from a Field Supervisor to a Regional Manager now, heading East Zone for the company. I don’t think any other company would have given me such tremendous growth in my professional career & helped me prosper in the manner I have. I feel privileged to be an Xcelite.

Finally, I would say Market Xcel prepares one to be future-ready & boosts confidence in everyone to lead our day to day life.

Sanjay Kumar, Proud Family Member

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