Sapna Singh, Delhi

I am a very simple and cheerful girl by nature.

I grew up with my grandfather till I was adolescent, following the discipline that he practiced in his life. He was my role model but unfortunately, I lost him when I needed him the most. “Life is eternal and love is immortal”, the discipline and appreciation that he gave me still helps me in the life. So, wherever I find love, I just grab it.

There are moments when I become very sad, but I believe in coming out of the situation and bouncing back. I give a warm and respectful hear to all who care about me, but my rule is to listen to my heart because I know my journey better than anyone else. Apart from these simple rules, I enjoy chanting and feel blessed to pray and practice Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism that promotes peace, culture and education.

I am not much educated, but I keep learning every day. I had a 360-degree change in my career; I started as a teacher and later switched to marketing, learning different skills and traits. It dates back when I joined Market Xcel in the year 2006 with few people in the office. Till that time, I never knew that it will become a purpose of my life. I have got the best people to work with and never felt burdened to come to office each day. It’s an institution where we teach and nurture people. The best part of the company is that it imparts LOVE for work, people, and clients.

All these years apart from getting paid, this job also helped me discover who I am and always surprised me. I keep realizing that I can excel in many other things too with each passing day.

One thing that touched my heart was the words came from my mentor- “Success is not the position that one has, the money that one earns or the fame that one gets; but it is rather the more responsibilities one has on the shoulders”. Also, there is a very strong learning in his second quote-“We should not judge people by their circumstances or peak of excellence, but by the distance they have traveled from the point where they started”

My passion of life is LOVE and I want to live it up, but not give it up.

As a human being, I feel there is some strong purpose to my life, it’s not just being into myself and my comfort zone, but keep innovating, helping & motivating others with both, the words and action, and taking more responsibilities.

Sapna Singh, Proud Family Member


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