Seema Gupta, Mumbai

I am Seema from Mumbai, I come from a modest family of 7 members. I am simple & straight forward girl, my passion is to always do something different and learn new things. During any adverse situation; I always apply my mind and listen to my heart as well, to search for a solution.

The time when I started my graduation wasn’t really great for my family as the circumstances were such that though the basic requirements were being met but expecting financial support to fund my education was out of question thus; I had to step out to work to continue my studies.

This is when I first came to Market Xcel for the interview, I had never heard about market research & was unsure about the prospects, but post consultation with one of my friends back home, I decided to take this job as I thought it had something different than the regular ones.

After the first day of my training, I became more confident about my decision of joining this organization as the initial training period itself taught me few lessons such as-

  • Always respect everyone.
  • Each day is different.
  • One should only focus on work & not results.
  • Success doesn’t come easy, it takes time & regular efforts to attain it.
  • Ups & downs are the part of life; just have faith in yourself.
  • And the most important of them – ‘One should always be loyal to the work’

I use these learnings not only in my professional life but in personal life too.

Over a period of time, I have learned a lot here like how to manage the odd situations to get the desired results for the assigned task. If I face challenges at work then my superiors extend instant support which helps find solutions faster. They always make me feel as a family member & not just a colleague.

Though my career started with Market Xcel as an interviewer, but the motivation & support from my superiors & colleagues empowered me to perform better each day and helped me to get promoted to the level of Supervisor within 1st year of my joining itself. Later on, I went to become Project Coordinator.

Another important thing that happened with me here was that my managers have made me more confident over the years by giving me tasks like client interaction (something that I wasn’t comfortable with initially) & also by involving me deep into the projects, to overcome my fear of handling things alone. Now I feel that nothing is impossible in life, you just need to be yourself & become fearless.

I also got an award for the “Debutant of the year” & it was amongst the best days of my life. I look forward to much more of such achievements with the support of Market Xcel family.

Seema Gupta, Proud Family Member

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