Shailendra Srivastava, Delhi

I belong to Varanasi, a famous Hindu holy city, located at the banks of the Ganges River. It’s the oldest inhabited city in the world & is also known as the ‘Religious Capital of India’. For most part of my life, I have been on my own & done things independently because of an early demise of my father when I was just 13 years old.

    I’m the youngest amongst all my siblings. I completed my schooling with the support of my elder brothers & after finishing ICWA (Inter), I decided to pursue further studies by myself as during those days, the financial situation of my family wasn’t good. So, immediately after completing my ICWA (Inter), I joined a CA firm in Allahabad, in the year 1996. I worked there for almost 2 years but moved because of low remuneration & joined an FMCG company in my hometown Varanasi, as an Assistant Accountant. I worked there for about a year. By this time I had saved enough money so thought of studying further & finishing ICWA to open more avenues for myself in life ahead. So I quit my job & started studying full time.

      Once again, I went to Allahabad but this time the purpose was different; it was to complete my education. But, despite all my efforts I could not do so as the high cost of living & tuition fee ate all my savings sooner than I expected. To my disappointment, I was broke in the middle of my higher education goal. But, I decided not to take any support from my family & quit my studies in between & came to Delhi in search of a better life, in November 2003. Initially, I stayed with one of my relatives & was lucky enough to land a job within 3 weeks of coming to this city at a Payroll Management Company as an Assistant Accountant. But soon I realized that I can’t grow much here thus, requested my relative to help me find a better job. I wanted to work for an organization where I could stay for long.

        One day, my relative’s banker called & informed him about a vacancy at Market Xcel. I came here for the interview & got selected. I joined the organization on 1st April 2004. The very next year (2005), I got married as well for which the shopping was done along with the promoters of the organization which made me realize how much these people care for individual employees.

          Over the years, whenever I’m looking for solutions to my professional & personal problems, I turn to the promoters of Market Xcel & have always got suitable suggestions from them.

            I would say my hard work has been rewarded more than I expected & I look forward to continue my journey with Market Xcel all my life. I have achieved a lot in my life because I am a part of this organization. Today, I have my own house in this city, a nice car, my kids go to a good school & all this has happened because of Market Xcel only. I’m not only an integral part of the organization but also involved in important decisions which are taken here & it makes me feel proud of my achievements in life.

              Shailendra Srivastava, Proud Family Member

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