Shashi Rekha, Bengaluru

I’m Shashi Rekha, born and bought up in Bengaluru & I stay with my parents. I completed my studies from BES College, Bengaluru. I have one elder sister and an elder brother. My native place is Ananthpur District, Andhra Pradesh.

Coming to my professional life, I started working in the year 2010 with a Pharmaceutical company, but I couldn’t see any growth in my professional career there, so I left the company after a year only and started searching another job for my future growth.

One of my friends referred me to Apollo Hospitals. Getting job in Apollo was quite dignified so I decided to join & make my career and grow to higher levels in the healthcare industry. But when I attended the interview, they asked me to get placed for front desk position for a period of 6 months since I was a fresher in the industry and later based on my experience and knowledge I was to be shifted to back-office operations division which I agreed to and started working, but after sometime I was asked to work on flexible shift timings day and night, to which my parents did not agree & asked me to quit the job & look for another one with only day shifts.

While searching for the job, I saw an advertisement in the newspaper which required people for a Market Research company called “Market Xcel”. I came here for the interview in Feb 2012. Instead of interviewing me in the usual manner, the person who interviewed me rather gave me his own life’s example & growth story with the organization which inspired me to join Market Xcel immediately.

Though, after joining Market Xcel I was given 3 days training, but it did not help much & didn’t impart ample knowledge about the Market Research Industry. So when I advanced to the field, practically it was very difficult for me to approach people for giving response to surveys. Furthermore, because of inferiority complex & shy nature I felt bad & was disappointed so I came back to office. The very next day my seniors accompanied me to the field and showed how to approach people for generating response for the surveys. This gesture gave me confidence, made me comfortable and encouraged to learn more.

After observing me for a year & seeing the way I put efforts to my work with enthusiasm, I got promoted as a Project Coordinator, this was in July 2013. From there on, I started learning how to handle clients, projects, briefing other rookie interviewers, supervising the work and also I gained the market knowledge in various products & categories of research which I believe boosted my career growth further.

I got promoted as Senior Project Coordinator in the year of 2018 & then as Project Manager in the year 2019. With each promotion came more responsibilities which made me stronger as a person.

All this made me stay longer in Market Xcel & I have become what I am today i.e. brave & sporting. Over the years, I have learnt from my seniors about giving importance to each individual you are working with & help them to perfection.

I thank all my seniors & colleagues whole heartedly for treating me as family & help nurture not only my career but my life too.

Shashi Rekha, Proud Family Member

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