Suvarna Amberkar, Mumbai

I am Suvarna Amberkar, a member of the Market Xcel family and based in our Mumbai branch I look after accounts and administration for West region.

My professional journey began while I was still pursuing my graduation. I joined Dmarche Analytics (a Mumbai based Market Research firm) to supplement the money required for my studies & Market Xcel used to be our client then. Later in 2006, my agency head joined Market Xcel & simultaneously I was also offered an opportunity to work here, which I grabbed (this was the second office Market Xcel opened after Delhi).

I was inexperienced and a shy girl, but the promoters showed faith in me and asked me to look after accounts work along with administration duties for the branch. Initially, I used to make lot of mistakes due to lack of experience & out of anxiety which often led to teasing by my colleagues. I used to get nervous while talking to people & was afraid that I might not last here for long. Around that time, one of the promoters came down to Mumbai in early 2007 and sat down with me to help clear my doubts, and support me in streamlining the work, and said these words to boost my morale- “Suvarna, one day you will prove everyone wrong & show them how the work is done, just continue working hard”. This gave me a lot of confidence & made me feel that I could achieve whatever I aspire for.

Gradually, the company started growing and I got additional responsibilities. Soon, I was looking after Pune and Ahmedabad branch’s administrative work in addition to Mumbai.

Today, I feel proud to say that I’ve been part of the organization for past 9 years & I am the second employee to have joined the company outside of Delhi office. Over the years, I have seen the company grow into one of the most respected market research companies in India.

The best part of being the member of this family is that it focuses a lot on the personal development of individuals, especially ones like me who are not confident in the beginning of their career but are given opportunities to grow with the organization. In the process, many of us have become more confident in every aspect of our lives.

Suvarna Amberkar, Proud Family Member

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